Orkaan Gustav, 2008

01.00 uur Ned. tijd, 12 uur na Landfall: Categorie 1, Weinig slachtoffers. Gevaar is nog niet geweken. De kans op overstromingen neemt komende uren toe. Lees verder

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  • I am sitting here on my bed, eating some breakfast. Putting CDs on my computer. Something I haven’t done since the last computer crash that wiped everything away. I have been doing this since yesterday afternoon. Neighbors boarded up house yesterday and are right now packing up their car.
  • Listening to WWL-AM online, with reports from the scene. (You can too.) The national media have been pretty useless when it comes to reporting on Gustav. From watching CNN and the rest, it all looks just like Katrina. Like an ugly baby, one big blob in the GOM is much like another.
  • Mother and Al aren’t in the best of health. Al has alzheimers and mother has everything wrong with her. They simply aren’t able to leave home in the wake of this storm. Where they live, should Gustav hit land further east than presently predicted, they would incur flooding and possibly other damages.

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